Pulseroll – the vibrating roller

Nov 24, 2016
Carroll Locke

The next generation of foam rolling!

Pulseroll is a vibrating foam roller used by fitness professionals to help with long standing muscular problems such as back pain and tight shoulders.

How does it work?

Pulseroll works by gently warming your muscles and allows deeper penetration bringing you pain relief much the same as how a sports massage works but without the soreness.

Who’s it for?

Pulseroll is used by fitness enthusiasts, athletes and physiotherapists to aid in the recovery from an injury.


Uses for Pulseroll

Pulseroll can can help loosen tight muscles to help increase your flexibility, use within your stretching routine to help prevent injury, helps to strengthen your core and improve posture and improves blood flow.

There are actually 99 uses of Pulseroll!

What are the benefits?

Pulseroll can be used on the move, it’s very lightweight and has 3 hour battery life.

Where can I get it?

You can buy Pulseroll directly from the website www.pulseroll.com.

Use the code Carroll10 to get a £10 discount!

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